Week 7

The finished tattoo pin up for Sumer

A quick commission for my lovely friend Kat! 

A little Hummingbird Tattoo Design 

The sketch for a little side distraction I'm working on based on the myth of Goldenhorn from Slovenia, I kind of twisted it a little bit so I could draw a lovely lady and not just a goat with gold horns. 
Thursday night was the opening of the Tricksters show with my friends, here are a couple of the people who have pieces in it (including me!)
Laura Steves, Ronnie Ritchie, and Jiselle Crawford 
Also midterms happen tomorrow night, cross your fingers for me, I've been up for about 26 hours at this point trying to prep and finish penciling pages to show the panel.
On the positive side, page 1 is finally colored sneak peak::