Procrastination will Kill me Someday

   Woo! The semester is over and it's summer time again! You know what that means right? Regular updates to this blog! Woohoo. This semester was definitely a hectic one, but I start Thesis next semester... I don't know whether to be excited that I only have two semesters left till I graduate or be plum terrified of Thesis. 
*shudders* Let's not think about it right now. 
 Anyway! To make up my absence during the last couple months here is a summary of all the junk that I did this semester! 

Starting off with this little bit of fanart that I did for Marissa Meyer's sequel to Cinder -Scarlet- on the right. She was at the Powell's in Beaverton in March, so I got to meet her and give her a print of my fan art and get her to sign my copy of Cinder. She was so adorable! It was definitely worth sitting in traffic and skipping the tail end of my math class to see her. 
A little two page comic I did for Narrative Image, based on this little piece of writing I did about my first imaginary friend. His name was Gareth, and I made him in response to my fear of heights when I went hunting for the first time with my father. 
A few portraits I did for fun and a commission. Tyler Toliver (a fantastic country singer), April Nagy (my best friend), and the commission I did for Mike. 
My newest tattoo in memory of my grandmother, Janette Swenson. I got it done at Dark Star Tattoo in Vancouver, WA, that's where some of my painting are hanging on their walls, and also where I'll be spending my Summer as Sumer Mattison's Apprentice! I'm so excited!  
I also gave a lot of love to my neglected OC Good Time Charlie this semester. Including making four pages of the comic for Cultural Marketplace.
I spent a day at the beginning of spring break adventuring through the gorge with some of my awesome friends. Then I went on a very cold motorcycle trip adventure with my awesome grandpa from Portland to Montana and back. Even though we didn't end up getting to bring my motorcycle back, it was still awesome to go riding with my grandpa :) 
A little more macabre piece for Narrative Image based on this weird dream. 
A broadside for Narrative Image based on a saucy flash fiction that I wrote in class. 
A Charity Poster for Keep-A-Breast and Cultural Marketplace (on the left) and the image I made for my promo postcards on the right. 
A couple patterns. The one on the right I made for a dumb assignment in Cultural Marketplace, and the one on the left is the endpaper in my Children's Book :) 
Some doodles of Bryan Walker, and of course my Daddy. 
My series "Through the Gully" I made for Cultural Marketplace. The backgrounds are based on a piece of my property in Montana. The series was inspired by an odd dream I had, which was mainly that constantly fighting against the popular opinion will ware you down until you conform.
There are really limited edition prints of this series on my Etsy. 
A couple Woodblock prints I did for Beginning Printmaking, which you can grab your original copy of on my Etsy
Speaking of all the things that are now on my Etsy ha ha -Shameless Self Promotion. Woo Stickers are now in! 
Along with copies of my new Pin Up Book; "Suck it Assholes I Draw What I Want"
50 pages of all of my pinup drawings and goodness including a short introduction explaining my perception of what the nude represents. Make sure you grab one before they disappear. 
Last but not least for my Final for Narrative Image I made this awesome 22 page Children's book; "The Brilliant Bitterroot Blossom" 
It's about the journey of a little cowgirl, who travels across the ranch to bring back a flower for her grandma. Along the way she learns about courage, determination, not judging a book by its cover, and love.
Pre-Orders for a Hardcover Copy with a Dust Jacket will be closing on Friday, May 31st.
All Pre-Ordered books will be signed, and mailed by June 17th.
Make sure you grab yours soon! 
Ok, ok, I'm done promoting my Etsy. I swear. Here is the Album Cover I did for FOFUS (Friends of Frank Ukulele Society - aka the Ukulele Club at my School) 
And I leave you this week with a couple of naked ladies. Because, let's be honest, that's like the only reason you showed up to read this post wasn't it? 
See you all next Monday :)