Gotta Love the Pretty Ladies

Here are a few of the commissions I've been doing from my Fiverr, and the last one are some sketches of one of my new friends!
I love drawing pretty ladies it makes me happy, and it just makes it that much better when I get paid for it! 

I also went on a Lunar Chronicles Fan Art Spree.... The ones above are from the first book: Cinder by Marissa Meyer
(From left to right: Linh Adri (the evil stepmother), Linh Pearl (the mean step sister), and Linh Peony (the nice step sister) ). You can read the first 5 chapters for free HERE

Next, I have for you the Main Character of the second book: Scarlet by Marissa Meyer. 
Her name is Scarlet Benoit, and I have a feeling she's going to be my favorite character, based only on her temper. She's wearing a body suit because she's a futuristic delivery girl, and futuristic delivery girls are sexy. Seriously. 

"She released a guttural scream and slammed the port down on the ship's control panel, hoping to shatter it into pieces of plastic and metal and wire. After three solid whaps, the screen only flickered in mild irritation. "You idiots!" She threw the port at the floorboards in front of the passenger seat and slumped back, stringing her curly hair through her finger.
Her harness cut into her chest, suddenly strangling, and she released the buckle and kicked open her door at the same time, half falling into the alley's shadows. The grease and whiskey scent from the tavern nearly choked her as she swallowed her breaths, trying to rationalize her way out of the anger." - Chapter Teaser from Scarlet by Marissa Meyer the second book in The Lunar Chronicles. 

The whole teaser can be found HERE

Wolf. Also from Marissa Meyer's Scarlet.
“Don’t be like that. He’s sweet! And he’s been here almost every day this week and he keeps sitting in my section, which definitely means something, don’t you think?” When Scarlet said nothing, the waitress set the bin down and fished a pack of gum from her apron pocket. “He’s always really quiet, not like Roland and his crowd. I think he’s shy … and lonely.” - from the Chapter Teaser for SCARLET by Marissa Meyer. 
There really isn’t even a description of this guy yet, but come on. His name is WOLF. He’s gotta be smokin’ hot. This is my logic. 
Just. Umf. 

Yay more Fan Art this time it’s Emilie from Marissa Meyer’s SCARLET
She’s a waitress, and so far seems to be Scarlet’s somewhat dimwitted friend. 
Despite the angelic blonde curls that surrounded Émilie’s face, her grin suggested very devilish thoughts.” -from the Chapter Teaser from SCARLET by Marissa Meyer
Yeah yeah yeah, I realize it says she has blonde curls, but the only thing that stuck in my head was a blonde waitress who had a hankering for lots of boys… thus the straightened hair, mini skirt and wide-eyed innocence. 

Went on an adventure to the Columbia Gorge. This time we explored the Bridal Veil Falls, and the Horsetail Falls area. Oh, and I climbed a fuzzy tree. It was fun :)