Cancellations and New Opportunities

So my show in Bingen, WA got cancelled. BUT! I was offered wall space at an awesome Tattoo shop! This painting and my Rhino are hanging in this great shop in Vancouver WA called Dark Star Tattoo. If you live in the area these paintings are for sale! Go and check them out! 

Here's the under painting of my latest creation for my Painting Class. 

I've been keeping busy with a couple of projects. One being repainting this large mural, that hangs on the side of The Crab Bowl! I have to drive by this restaurant all the time, and the roughness of this mural has always bothered me. So, I drew up a sketch and built up the nerve to go in and ask the owner if I could repaint it for him, and he said yes! 

Don't forget to check out my Pro Choice Guest Comic on this Wednesday! 

Some Zombie T-shirt Design Commissions.