The End of 2013

A little pre-fan art for Cress by Marissa Meyer, of Cress and Thorne :3 , apart of The Lunar Chronicles. 
My final for Ethics&Aesthetics, a portrait of my late grandmother, Jannette Swensen. 

My final for my Advanced Illustration class, a promotional poster for the National Bison Range in Dixon, Montana. 

A little Deer Tattoo Flash I whipped up. 

Sketches out of the ol' sketchbook.
A few of the Thesis Presentations/Proposals I went to during Focus Week @PNCA 

more sketchbook goodness

"Live to Ride: Where the Rubber Meets the Road" little typography practice 
A little Happy Saturnalia card I made for Christmas

and last but not least the last  pictures I took in 2013 of my home in Montana. 3-3 Ranch.