Somehow this became all about Lazarus

       Soooooo I spent all of last week driving all over the place on Lazarus -that's her name -- my motorcycle-- her name is Lazarus. 
          Why is her name Lazarus you ask? Good Question! Because I know you're all dieing to know. 
The man I bought her from said she belonged to a Preacher originally, and that's why there were Jesus fish on her tank (not pictured because I have to put them back on). So when my dad and I hauled her into the horse trailer, I asked the man if she had a name. He responded that he had just been calling it the "Jesus Bike." And. Well. I couldn't handle the poor darling not having a proper name. So, after much thought, I settled on Lazarus. 1) It's biblical. 2) When I first met her it was the dead of winter and she had to be 'woken up' per say.  3) Later (after I named her) she was taken to the-shop-that-shall-not-be-named where they did more damage than they fixed. But despite that damage my grandfather managed to bring her back to life! 
To me these things just reinforce my name choice. 

Here are a few more pictures of Lazarus and I's adventures from last week. And this weekend we're going to make the 186 mile trek to Yakima for a wedding and to see my momma and grandma.
There's even saddlebags coming in the mail that should be here tomorrow! Excitement!
Anyway I have now made a seperate blog dedicated to my adventures with Lazarus check it out. 

My grandpa was talking about repainting my gas tank (because some of the paint is all scuffed up and peeling near the cap because of a careless past owner) so I started thinking about maybe putting some kind of detail on the top. So, these doodles happened. I'm not really sure if that's what I want, but a Phoenix was an appealing idea since it encompasses that idea of resurrection without being straight up religious.  I'm still gonna keep the tank black, and if we do re-do the whole tank, I'm going to re-do the pin striping on the sides so that it's just one gold line instead of the gold and red. and of course put the Jesus fish back on her (I think she misses them)
In other news, here is a doodle I did for my mom's birthday. 
and a doodle of my good friend Patience Tumblesome. 

See ya next week!