The Happy Accident of the Swing

Behold! My third official attempt at Oil Paintng. I took the time to scan the whole glorious 16x20 on my 8.5x11 scanner.... yeah that took a while. This particular pretty thing is for my mother. 

From top to bottom: Kelsey Lemon, Megan Auch, and Jeff Markette. 
 Mini Story: I recently had a very violent dream about one of my ex-boyfriends trying to kill me. Then out of no where Jeff Markette (a former classmate in Montana) grabbed me and saved me. He took me to some kind of building and sat with me and calmed me very patiently until I could breathe steadily. He even hugged me, and held me telling me he couldn’t get at me anymore. 
I realize that it was just a dream, but I can’t shake the feeling like I owe him now, for saving me. I’ve been having the same nightmare for a while, it comes and goes every couple months. However, this was the first time someone has saved me. It’s odd to me that it was Jeff though, since we’ve never really known each other very well. I mean we grew up together since we both went to the same school since second grade, and graduated together. I just don’t quite understand why my brain picked Jeff out of all the people who could have saved me. Ohhh the unconscious mind is so fascinating. 
 So, to try to get rid of the feeling of owing Jeff, I drew him. Then I kind of went on a spree of drawing a bunch of my old classmates.. more to come. 
The most recent Zombie Commission. 

This Zombie was rejected, but I had to color it because I just love the way the victim came out! 

Last but not least, have a few of my warm up gestures!

See ya next week! - Zito