New Super Happy Fun Business Cards

 I have exciting news! I'm getting new business cards!! Everybody cheer! The process all started with the black and white ink drawing you see above, that I did in my sketchbook around 3 am. I was doodling in my sketchbook to try and design a new logo for myself trying to get in the swing of creating a good representation of a thistle. When I was finished inking it I determined that it was a good fit to be that image on the front of my business cards. I bought my business cards online through Staples because they were having one of their sales going on and I end up getting around 250 cards for about $20-30 instead of the $80-90 local printers wanted. Unfortunatley they didn't show up before I went to the National RC&D Conference (separate post about that next week) but I'm excited to get them nonetheless. 

Above and below are a couple of images of fan art that I've been working on for SourceFed (the Youtube Newsource created by Philip Defranco) 


The three images above are continued Fan Art for the wonderful twist on a class story; "Cinder" by Marissa Meyer. Which I am still encouraging you to read if you're into old classic fairy tales. 

<3 Kat Davidson <3 

And last but not least I leave you with my first piece of Legend of Korra fan art :)